Our Story

We are Joann and Kowa, the founders of Herself Collections, and we are so glad you are here! Herself Collections was created out of our love for jewelry as well as our desire to stop the pattern of fast fashion and provide pieces that last. 

With over 30 combined years in the fashion industry, we see the waste involved with both the constant drive for newness as well as the poor craftsmanship (including in high-end designer brands) that causes pieces to need to be replaced after several wears. We built Herself Collections around the idea that you can wear our pieces with love year after year.

Herself Collections is a welcoming place where women can feel confident in purchasing high quality pieces, that are nearly all handmade, but also modern, sleek, and beautiful. We carry pieces that are exclusively 14K gold filled, solid 14K gold, or sterling silver.

The name Herself Collections came from our connections with smart, independent women who inspire us daily. Herself is an unassuming, soft word, yet carries beautiful strength behind it.

Shop with confidence and have some fun. 

photo of herself collections founders